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-Name: Rienhard Nordlund

-Rank: Rottenführer as of 27.9.43

-Born: 4.5.26

-Birthplace: Furth, Germany.

-Background: Recruited at Nurnburg District in November of 1942 into newly appointed SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'. Served on Russian Front as a Panzer Grenadier for a short while and sent back for Aufklarungs (Recon.) training. Reassigned to SS Pz. Div. 'Hitlerjugend' in July of 1943. Opperated as unit secretery until reports of an Allied invasion were apparent. Returned to combat duty with the rank of Sturmann and assisted in the Normandy deffensive.

-Awards: Russian Front Medal, General Assault Badge in silver.

-Weapon: Kar 98K

-Years re-enacting: 5


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