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Name: Heidrick Kreul

Rank: Rottenfuhrer as of 01-18-43

Born: 12/03/1919

Birthplace: Graz, Austria

Background: Born in Graz Austria Hedrick's family were loyal party
members from 1923. He joined the HitlerJugend in 1925 on his 6th birthday.
Due to family influence in the party and an over protective father was
"persuaded" to stay with the HJ after his 18th birthday and not join an
SS infantry unit. After years of doing his job but wanting to fight
for what he believes in, he was noticed by Hauptscharfuher Dauser and
was promoted and placed in the 25th in 1944 for the Normandy defense.

Weapon: Kar 98K

Years re-enacting: 6