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Sept. 22-23rd Orlando Tactical
Oct. 20-22 Camp Blanding
Nov. 5th Orlando Air show
Nov. 11th Train Event
Dec. Russian Front.

The following events are Hopeful.
Oct. 6-8 Catoosa Tank Killin Club meeting Operation Olive
Nov.17-19th Grenada, Mississippi Event


WW2 Living History Reenacting Group

We are a door to the past. We bring a small fraction of the average soldiers daily life in 1942, to the public of today. We do not agree with the ideology of the 3'rd Reich, and in no way glorify the true horror of War. We are lovers of history, and want everyone to pay the Veterans the respect that they earned. Alive or dead, no matter what War, no matter which side, they all paid a price for their country. It's all about honor, duty, and putting your country, and loved ones, above yourself.

Written by Joe Pinger.